Sunday, October 6, 2013

PTI Make It Monday #134: Repeat + Lift

This week at PTI, Nichole showed us a video on how to do her Repeat and Lift technique.  The technique involves generation stamping (repeat) and then adhering the coordinating die cut on top of it with foam tape (lift).  Love it!  If you would like to check it out for yourself, you can find out about it here.

Since I needed to make a birthday card for my niece, I decided to go ahead and CASE Nichole's showcase card.  The technique really is quick and easy, just like Nichole said.

I opted to create a zipper card to enclose some cash.  I used the zipper border die, placing only the length I wanted to use within my cutting plates and letting the rest hang off.  I placed adhesive all around the edge of the card to enclose the money. 

Next time I plan to put adhesive just around the outside and that way I can place the money right under the zipper and create a bigger opening to fish that money out.  :)

I decorated the inside of the card, with a clear indication to tear that baby open!  We certainly don't want cash getting tossed in the trash now, do we?  :)

All supplies are from PTI (exclusive of the nom, nom, nom stamp).

Thanks ever so much for stopping by!


  1. Super sweet card, your niece is going to love it! Love the zipper idea to include the cash, I know whenever I give my nieces money in cards they definitely know to "look" for it so instead of opening the card, they just "shake" it first to see if anything falls out, so this is a great way to trick them! HaHaHa!

  2. Fabulous card! I love how you stamped on the inside!